Read: Pope Francis’ prayer for the children of Abraham

7 March 2021
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Standing alongside Muslims, Jews, representatives of different Christian Churches and other Iraqi religious minorities in the Iraqi city of Ur on March 6, Pope Francis offered a prayer for reconciliation and peace for the nation.

Almighty God, our Creator, you love our human family and every work of your hands: As children of Abraham, Jews, Christians and Muslims, together with other believers and all persons of goodwill, we thank you for having given us Abraham, a distinguished son of this noble and beloved country, to be our common father in faith.

We thank you for his example as a man of faith, who obeyed you completely, left behind his family, his tribe and his native land, and set out for a land that he knew not.

We thank you too, for the example of courage, resilience, strength of spirit, generosity and hospitality set for us by our common father in faith.

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