Saturday Sessions Top 10 – Bishop Robert Barron

10 January 2021


Each week throughout 2020, parishioners in the Diocese of Parramatta were invited to watch a video and discuss their response to a number of questions as part of our popular ‘Saturday Sessions’.

Over the holiday break, we’re replaying some of the most popular videos for you to watch, then use the questions to uncover your own feelings and thoughts about the topic. Feel free to share with others too!

“Giving a reason for the Hope within us” – Bishop Robert Barron

About the Presenter:

Bishop Robert Barron is an American prelate of the Catholic Church serving as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Bishop Barron speaks about the rising tide of the unaffiliated in our Church and looks at the who, why and how of this very relevant topic. Not only true of young people in our communities, but of all generations.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Where is the place of questioning in our faith?
  2. What are your thoughts around the relationship between science and faith?
  3. What are some experiences of beauty you have received from the Catholic Church?
  4. In non-COVID times, what makes Sundays feel amazing? And post-COVID, how will we have renewed vigour to make Sundays amazing? What has changed in the past few months?
  5. If someone left your parish community, would you know? How would you respond?
  6. How can you turn your faith community into a missionary society (or share how this is already happening)?
  7. What does it mean to walk a path of discipleship? How do we welcome those who struggle?
  8. What creative responses have you seen to “Proclaim Christ in the Culture?”


Get ready for the 2021 series of Saturday Sessions. The schedule is available on our events calendar on


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