Saturday Sessions Top 10 – Fr John Frauenfelder

28 December 2020


Each week throughout 2020, parishioners in the Diocese of Parramatta were invited to watch a video and discuss their response to a number of questions as part of our popular ‘Saturday Sessions’.

Over the holiday break, we’re replaying some of the most popular videos for you to watch, then use the questions to uncover your own feelings and thoughts about the topic. Feel free to share with others too!

“Parishes Working Together” – Fr John Frauenfelder

About the Presenter:

This address was prepared for the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong for their Diocesan Pastoral Plan “Parishes Working Together.” Fr John shares a theological reflection on Parishes Working Together with a focus on the role of the Laity and the mission of Baptism. Fr John poses many questions in his reflection to ponder. Some of those questions have been included here plus some additional questions.

Whilst the plan was some ago, the principles and reflections that Fr John offers are still very relevant to our Church today.

A Graduate of Catholic University of America and San Francisco Theological Seminary (Member Institute of Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley), John graduated with Masters and Doctorate degrees in liturgical studies, theology, and ministry. Later studies through St Louis University awarded him a degree in Health Care Ethics.

John has spent over 30 years in parish ministry. He had led parish & school retreats, workshops in Spiritualty for the Ageing, Teaching as Eucharist and other aspects of Eucharistic Spirituality, including Going to Mass Backwards, reflection days for Clergy and Retreats for Seniors. He has spent time in Central Queensland, working with the Bishops Inservice Days (Diocese of Rockhampton) and Adult Faith Education at Blackwater, Queensland.

Working with St John of God Health (Burwood & Richmond), John developed his skills as a leader in Mission, a work enhanced through many years of mission engagement with Mercy in the former Goulburn Congregating of Sisters of Mercy, and his work in Mercy Health & Aged Care in Central Queensland.

After time lecturing in Liturgy and Sacraments and three years as Academic Dean at Broken Bay Institute, John has spent the past seven years assisting in Adult Faith formation for Catholic Schools Office in Diocese of Broken Bay. (

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Who have we been called to be as The Body of Your Christ? What would be your response?
  2. How would you describe or define Church? “How do we become Church?”
  3. “What would consider to be vital signs of life within a parish community?”
  4. “What is our experience of the lifegiving waters of baptism?”
  5. “How is baptism immediately linked to the celebration of the Eucharist?”
  6. How can we contribute to the creating of a ‘round table’?
  7. How often do you recall your Baptism and what that means in your life of faith? Is it something that we need to recall more often?
  8. “The ministerial priesthood is at the service of the common priesthood”. What does this mean to you?
  9. “What is crucial is that the baptised reclaim the dignity of their order – the order of the faithful – the order that the mission of the Church has been entrusted by the Lord.” How will you invite people to do this?
  10. A great responsibility for us is to make Christ present in the world. How do you take on this responsibility?
  11. What can you do now – what resources do we need now – to start bringing some of this to life?


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