Same-sex marriage postal survey result

15 November 2017
The Catholic Church in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

The Diocese of Parramatta respects the will of the Australian people as expressed through the results of the same-sex marriage postal survey.

It now seems likely that civil marriage will be open to people of the same-sex and we respect that outcome.

The Catholic Church will continue to promote and practice the tenet of our faith that marriage is a lifelong union of a man and a woman, open to the possibility of children. The survey has confirmed that this is a position shared by millions of people in this country.

The focus is now on our parliament to ensure that the proper freedoms are legislated to guarantee that the many people who remain in favour of the traditional definition of marriage are free to speak, teach and act on this belief.

  • pl42

    What on earth does ‘respects the will of the Australian people’ mean? Sure, one can acknowledge what a majority choose – to do so is merely to note something that has happened. But to ‘respect’ it? How on earth can a judgement that so fundamentally violates the order established by God be respected?

    The Church’s role is not to be a ‘good sport’ in the game of democracy. On the contrary, there is a pressing need for it to declare that democracy has its limits, and that democracy itself becomes self-destructive when it assumes a responsibility to judge what is right or wrong on fundamental moral issues, such as abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage.

    The church should be lamenting the will of the Australian people in accepting same-sex ‘marriage’, not respecting it.

  • annabeee

    Look, this really rubs me the wrong way because this virtually means “You do you” and this is NOT something the Church should be saying.

  • Morris Dancer

    Hear! Hear!

    Shame on the Australian Catholic Church’s ‘bad shepherds’ (Ezekiel 34) on same sex marriage.

    The Church lost the SSM battle decades ago by ignoring the Yes advocates’ prolonged and sophisticated marketing campaign. Even when the issue crossed over into mainstream politics a year or so ago, the Church’s belated counter-attack was strategically flawed and amateurish. (Even this website is wrongly configured so that links open on the same page instead of a new page.)

    At least some Catholics like German author Gabriele Kuby are speaking out publicly on this issue in place of the ineffectual clergy.

    Gabriele is currently touring Australia, and last night gave an informative and disturbing talk about the global sexual revolution at Campion college in Toongabbie. Tonight she’s speaking at St Charbel’s in Punchbowl. More info is at Parousia Media’s website ( and Facebook account (

  • Liturgically Abused

    What a disgraceful post by the diocese of Parramatta.

    Most of Western Sydney voted AGAINST changing the definition of marriage – 12 electorates said NO. Where is the “respect” for how the people of Parramatta actually voted?



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