Sydney Alliance encourages constituents to speak with MPs around supporting Afghan refugees

27 September 2021
Image: Amber Clay/Pixabay


How can we support refugees in Afghanistan?

Sydney Alliance and their allies nationally are coordinating a briefing for constituents to meet with their local MPs to influence how the federal government supports refugees from Afghanistan.

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On Wednesday 29 September from 5.30pm to 7pm, Sydney Alliance will bring together local advocates to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and will hear from Afghan-Australian leaders who will share their experiences and outline why and how you can take action.

Sydney Alliance’s goal is to organise delegations of 20+ people for each MP in Sydney. We are asking MPs for:

  • Flights into Kabul
  • Match the Canadian additional intake of 20k refugees for Afghanistan
  • Offer permanent protection to refugees from Afghanistan and people seeking protection who are already in Australia.
  • Provide access to family reunification pathways for refugees and migrants from Afghanistan in Australia.

Through our collaborations, we will be able to support anyone in Australia to act, not only Sydney-siders.

To RSVP to the Sydney Alliance briefing meeting, please click here.

Australian churches are calling on the Federal Government for a special intake of an additional 20,000 Afghan refugees, and support the ongoing wellbeing of all Afghan refugees and their families via an online petition. To sign this petition, visit 


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