The Bible Society comes to Parramatta

May They Be One project aims to deliver Bibles to the poor and needy in the Philippines
Richard Allcock, The Bible Society. Images: Joseph Younes.

The Bible Society of Australia’s May They Be One Project, in conjunction with the Philippines Bible Society, is on a mission to deliver five million Bibles to the poor and needy in the Philippines – and they need your support!

Richard Allcock, from The Bible Society Australia, visited the Diocese of Parramatta Chancery recently and outlined the Project’s achievements to date and future ambitions.

Many Dioceses in NSW and other Diocese in Australia have promoted the May They Be One project at their Parishes. With the help and generosity of Parishioners at Parishes in Australia, they have been very fortunate in raising 100,000 bibles for the poor and needy in the Philippines.

To date, 1.6 million Bibles have been distributed via the funds raised through the generosity of fellow Christian communities around the world.


The Diocese of Parramatta is supporting this worthy initiative and any funds donated will be used to purchase and distribute Bibles in the Philippines.

Each Bible costs $3.50, with a print option of seven Filipino languages to give a broad and outreaching distribution to all.

For more information about The Bible Society or to donate to May They Be One, please click here.

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