The Well Top resources of 2020 – Questions about the Mass

19 January 2021

In September, the Diocese of Parramatta launched The Well, a ‘Netflix for Catholics’ that provides free, ‘on-demand’ inspiration for families, children, young people and faith communities.

Over the holiday break, Catholic Outlook is showcasing some of the most viewed videos and resources for you to watch. Feel free to share with others too!

Questions about the Mass

Many of us have been to Mass or go to Mass often and yet still be wondering: ’Why do Catholics do the things they do at Mass?’ More importantly, ‘why is the Mass so important?’ Today we have Fr Chris del Rosario joining us as we chat about the Mass.


If you have not visited The Well and don’t know where to start, log onto on your desktop, smart TV, tablet or phone. There’s no need to subscribe and it is completely free to use.


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