Virtue Ministry to debut at ACYF 2017

By Emily Shaw, 28 November 2017
Virtue Ministry presenting at a girls retreat. Image: Supplied.

It’s a line-up that includes internationally renowned speaker Matt Maher and as well as home grown favourites Father Rob Galea and Father Chris Ryan MGL. And this year Virtue Ministry, a burgeoning Australian ministry, will make its debut at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF17).

Despite the daunting company, Stina Constantine, Founder and Managing Director of Virtue Ministry, was pleasantly surprised to be included as a presenter in the ACYF17.

“They received so many quality applications for presenters for this year’s festival,” she explains. “We are honoured to be asked to present and humbled that the ACYF organisers recognise the potential of our emerging ministry.”

Virtue Ministry is, as the name suggests, a ministry that helps men and women develop and understanding of virtue as a habitual good, and centre their worth on Christ so that they are fully equipped to make an indelible mark on the world.

Stina Constantine, Founder and Managing Director of Virtue Ministry. Image: Supplied.

They speak to students, local communities and church groups, and to those in care-giving roles about topics such as character‐development, authentic love and being used, relationships, and inherent worth, which are difficult to navigate in a rapidly changing world.

Miss Constantine will present on December 8 at 3pm. Her presentation, entitled “Unleashing your capacity: 3 things you need to know to win at life” will showcase the essence of what Virtue Ministry has to offer.

“We often experience young women approach us after a talk to express how true the talk rang to their lives, and the hurt they have felt and sometimes unknowingly been a part of, but also affirmed in their dignity and worth; young men often express how eye opening the talks were, and having gained a sense of confidence in their identity,” explains Constantine.

“What they both have in common, is the enthusiastic urge to fight for change, a better them than the person who came to the talk, for their sake – as they desire better, and for their loved ones sake – who deserve better.”

Virtue Ministry is based in the Riverina region and celebrated its first birthday on September 8 this year. The team are in increasing demand to present at schools, seminaries and retreats and have recently expanded to include more presenters as well as a graphic designer and writer.

For more information about Virtue Ministry, or to inquire about inviting them to present please visit or email You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Emily Shaw is a former ACPA award winning editor now Writer and Graphic Designer for Virtue Ministry and as well as editor and blogger at

With thanks to Virtue Ministry.

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