‘Where did all the good men go?’: ‘At The Well’ Episode 18 is live

11 June 2021


Episode 18 of the At The Well podcast is now available.

In this episode, co-hosts Catholic Youth Parramatta Local Engagement Leader, Qwayne Guevara, and writer and mother Joy Adan, invite their first male guest on the podcast.

Scott Carroll, Teaching Educator from the Mission Team at Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, spoke with Qwayne and Joy on ‘where did all the good men go.’

In light of the recent national conversation about the treatment of women, the presenters wanted to explore this topic through a lens of hope.

“As Catholics, our entire belief system is rooted in the fundamental dignity of human beings from conception to natural death, because we are made in the image of God,” Joy explains.

“The recent examples of the treatment of women, particularly in workplaces, and particularly in situations where we might face discrimination, harassment or abuse – those things are so counter to our values as Catholics.

“It’s important for us to uphold the dignity of our sisters, and I think when it comes to the treatment of women in society, we’re all called to encourage and advocate for positive change wherever it is that God has put us,” she said.

In reflecting on this Year of St Joseph, Scott, who has several personal connections to St Joseph, said that he takes inspiration from St Joseph’s actions, rather than words.

“St Joseph didn’t have a speaking part. When you go back to the Gospels, it was all action, and it was faith in action, and for me, that’s what I can learn from St Joseph.

“I don’t have to have all the answers, in my teaching, I don’t have to be the sage on the stage and in my family, I can listen and I can accompany and I can be there for others.

“The opportunity to recognise that we can stop, we can sit back, we can listen and we don’t have to have the answers, I think that’s what I get from St Joseph,” he said.

The podcast is a chance to build on the joys of Catholic Youth Parramatta’s At The Well evenings for young women on a more regular basis, a chance to give a feminine perspective on questions of faith and life, and to continue the conversations sparked during the face-to-face gatherings.

At The Well is an initiative of the Diocese of Parramatta, through its youth ministry Catholic Youth Parramatta.

You can listen to this podcast and the previous episodes on The Well. You can also tune in via Soundcloud by visiting tinyurl.com/atthewellcyp and on Spotify by searching for ‘Catholic Youth Parramatta’.

You can submit your questions or contact the hosts through the At The Well Facebook group.


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