With Your One Wild and Precious Life

By Rachel Fleurant MGL, 18 June 2018
The women who attended the discernment weekend. Image: MGL Sisters.


We had seven beautiful women join us for our discernment weekend on 2-3 of June. These young women aged 18-35 years were invited to look more closely at the gift of consecrated life, our community life within sisterhood and our mission. We seek to live at the heart of the Church and serve her evangelising mission to engage in the proclamation of the good news to the marginalised, the young people and unchurched.

It was one of the millennials who raised some genuine concerns in relation to the process of discernment: in the context that she finds herself, she identifies with her contemporaries who want instant gratification and are having to face too many choices, fear of missing out, and often they are looking for something better.

Questions like: Who are you going to spend your time with? What are your dreams? What choices are you going to make?

It’s true that discernment can bring forth anxiety and yet in the light of faith, essentially creating a space interiorly to listen to the movements of the Holy Spirit is where peace is found.

Basic discernment principles were explored at various times in the structure of the weekend. Some highlights included: praying the Divine Office, the Eucharist, charismatic worship, and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It was a pleasure for us to make available a time to have spiritual direction, helping to go deeper with their God experience.

I’d like to use my own personal testimony to understand the gift of consecration. What began as an attraction of the heart, I knew Jesus had set me apart and was drawing me to deeper intimacy with him. He led me to know His personal love for Him, through the words in the text in the Song of Songs: “Set me as a seal on your heart” and whispering in my heart “You are my Beloved and I want you to be mine”.

There was so much joy, as I discovered the parallels with my own life and the Rich Young Man. It is interesting that the man in this story walked away sad. I knew what I needed to do with my life to begin the process of letting go of my great treasures, these included: my family, marketing career, glamour lifestyle, expectations that others had about me, and expectations I placed on myself.

When I freely and willingly consecrated myself to God, I was able to let go of my dreams to get married and have children. I became drawn to the Missionaries of God’s Love Sisters where I knew I could serve Jesus and become a spiritual mother to many. My prayer is that my consecration would Wake Up The World! and influence many to be have a relationship with Christ and have a burning desire to follow his teachings, especially those who are lost and unchurched.

If you would like to have contact with us sisters to help you discern your vocation or for more information please visit us on www.mglsisters.org


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