Worship Wednesday ALL STARS featuring Sarah Kroger

By Mary Brazell, 15 October 2021


As the NSW Government announced the milestone of 70% of the eligible population being double vaccinated, and the countdown began towards ‘Freedom Day’, Catholic Youth Parramatta brought us a special edition of Worship Wednesday that celebrated the last four months of resilience.

Lead by Nashville-based Catholic singer-songwriter and Worship Leader Sarah Kroger, Worship Wednesday was themed ‘a light at the end of lockdown’.

“Worship songs are songs of remembrance. They’re songs that remind us who God is and who we are, which are both things that we so easily forget and need to constantly be reminded of,” Sarah explained.

“That’s what worship is for me. It’s not just me entertaining you or me singing at you. It’s literally us singing truth over ourselves so that we remember these truths about ourselves, about who God is, and we can live out of those places and steady ourselves in these words, in these prayers.

Sarah told the audience that even in these days of lockdown and difficulties, we are called to be Resurrection people, people of hope.

“In these unknown days that feel so long and confusing and chaotic – they feel like they have no end. It’s not easy, but it’s moments like these, right here and right now that we can be reminded that God is moving, even in the midst of this.

“Even in the midst of the darkness, His light will always come. That’s the hope that we have as Christians, as people, as human beings – there’s always a Resurrection coming. We’re not called to just live on Good Friday perpetually. We’re not stuck at the cross. The cross is a means for our salvation, but it’s not the end of the story.

“This day, this time, this pandemic, is not the end of the story. Whatever situation that you find yourself in, whatever impossible situation that you might be facing, this is not the end of your story. That’s the hope we have in Christ, in his life, death and Resurrection.”

Sarah, who at Worship Wednesday lead her first-ever praise and worship session in Australia, has previously led worship at almost all of the largest Catholic youth and young adult gatherings in the United States, including the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC), LIFETEEN and Steubenville Youth Conference.

You can find out more information about Sarah’s ministry by visiting sarahkroger.com and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

This video, as well as the whole series of recent ALL Stars praise and worship sessions are available on The Well, the video streaming site of the Diocese of Parramatta.

The Well can be found at www.thewell.org.au

If the songs from this edition of Worship Wednesday moved and inspired you, feel free to look them up on YouTube or on your music platform of choice:

  • Monument by Sarah Kroger
  • No Fear In Love by Sarah Kroger
  • Right Here, Right Now by Sarah Kroger
  • I Will Say Yes by Sarah Kroger
  • Here I Am Lord by John Michael Talbot
  • Belovedness by Sarah Kroger


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