ACBC Statement on National Redress Scheme

10 December 2018

Catholic archdioceses, dioceses and eparchies will enter the National Redress Scheme as quickly as possible. Almost all dioceses have completed their paperwork and Australian Catholic Redress Ltd is working closely with the Department of Social Services to facilitate formal entry into the Scheme for those dioceses.

Entry into the Scheme will take place as dioceses are ready, rather than the original plan to have all dioceses enter at once. The staggered entry of states has necessitated the change in plan. The decision to have a staggered entry of Catholic institutions into the National Redress Scheme was made to allow institutions to enter the Scheme sooner than would have happened if the Church had waited for a single, mass entry.

Australian Catholic Redress Ltd has supported the compilation of the list of more than 5000 parishes, schools and other entities that operate or operated under the banner of Catholic dioceses dating back to the 1940s. The creation of that list was a complex process and was done as quickly as possible with the more than 30 dioceses across the country.

Like survivors, the Conference had hoped that dioceses would have been processing applications by now, but there has been no undue delay – simply a desire to make sure the entry was handled correctly the first time. The Conference’s commitment to the Scheme has not wavered and the Conference is grateful for the spirit of partnership that exists between Australian Catholic Redress Ltd, on behalf of the dioceses, and the Department of Social Services.

With thanks to the ACBC.

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