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Engaged & Diverse Audience:
We boast a wonderfully diverse community with a significant readership composed of students and migrants. The Diocese also stands out with one of the country’s youngest populations, with a median Catholic age of 39.
8,500 copies distributed quarterly.
25,000+ unique visitors visit each month.
Over 3,500 subscribers to our daily online newsletter
Strong social media presence to an engaged Catholic audience

Community Connection:
Our high-quality content resonates with our connected community. Distributed among 47 parishes, more than 80 Catholic schools, independent schools, aged care facilities, and government agencies, Catholic Outlook offers local news and events, opinion pieces, reflective articles, activities for kids, and more. Recognized for its quality, each edition receives glowing feedback from readers and has earned several accolades.

We look forward to showcasing your brand across Catholic Outlook. 

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   • Suspends or ceases business activities;
   • Is In liquidation or insolvent; or
   • Has had a receiver or trustee appointed in respect of any property.
2. Any advertisement submitted must:
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7. The Advertiser must take full responsibility in relation to copyright of the said advertisement. This includes all images and text. The Advertiser must ensure that
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8. The Advertisers and their agents must accept full responsibility for proceedings brought against the publication arising out of the advertisement. The provision of any material automatically constitutes acceptance of this clause. The booked space shall only be used for the advertisement of the business to which the booking is made.
9. The Publisher reserves the right to increase rates for advertisements with a minimum of one month’s notice. Contracted rates are valid for the life of the contract. New rates will be renegotiated.
10. The Publisher reserves the right to decline advertisements considered to be inappropriate in relation to the foundations of the publication and the Diocese of Parramatta. The final decision on all advertising material remains at the discretion of the Publisher.
11. The Publisher will use every care to ensure the correct insertion and layout of an advertisement, however, cannot guarantee insertion on any specific date or position within its publications. Accidental errors in relation to the advertisement do not invalidate the order.
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17. Advertisers and their agencies are advised to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the law surrounding advertising and the Trade Practices Act.
18. Heavy penalties apply to organisations found to breach these laws and guidelines. The responsibilities in relation to compliance with these regulations rest in whole upon the advertiser and their agent.