Animated character Cathcroc to support children in their faith journey

12 February 2022


To further assist parents, grandparents, teachers, guardians and other carers involved in children’s faith life journey, the Catholic Diocese of Darwin has developed an animated character called Cathcroc with whom children can engage and pose questions.

After questions are received, periodically a video will be shared on the Diocesan digital channels featuring Cathcroc acknowledging the question/questioner. Cathcroc would then request Bishop Charles Gauci (who would also appear in the video) to share his thoughts and answer the question.

“As a Church, we have things old and new. There are perennial values that are forever coming to us from Jesus and the early Church. The Holy Spirit keeps on guiding us into a deeper understanding of these mysteries of our Faith,” said Bishop Charles Gauci, Bishop of Darwin and the Northern Territory.

“Each generation needs to proclaim our Faith message in contemporary understanding for all ages. Cathcroc is aimed at children, the parents, guardians, and all other carers of children.

“We pray and trust in the Lord that this will be a useful tool in His hand in the proclamation of His Good News to all,” added Bishop Gauci.

Crocodiles play a very important part to the Aboriginal culture and the Northern Territory is home to the world’s largest wild crocodile population. Hence developing a croc animated character for Territorian children to engage with in their Faith journey was almost inevitable.

With thanks to the Catholic Diocese of Darwin.


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