At The Well Episode 20 is live

25 August 2021


Episode 20 of the At The Well podcast is now available.

In this episode, co-hosts Catholic Youth Parramatta Manager, Qwayne Guevara, and writer and mother Joy Adan, are joined by accredited dietitian Danica D’Souza and Head of Primary at Santa Sophia Catholic College, Box Hill, Stephanie Musgrave.

Gathering in light of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the women discuss how the Blessed Mother has played a role in their lives.

The conversation started with the women using one word to describe who Mary is to them.

“I see Mary as being graceful and being the ultimate woman, someone we want to be striving to be. She had so much faith and trust in the Lord’s plan,” Danica explained.

Stephanie described Mary as her advocate. “She is someone who, I think throughout my whole life in lots of different ways, I look to, I chat to her really freely. I know I can rely on her, I can tell her anything, and I know that she looks out for me and I definitely feel her presence with me. I see her hand in things that happen in my life. I know she fights for me and she has that strength and that power to do so. I know she prays for me and prays with me, and she honestly looks out for me and I feel she knows the deepest desires of my heart and can speak to that.”

Qwayne used the word ‘captivating’ in referring to Mary, saying that she has had to work on her relationship with Mary and that it was once difficult to her to connect with Our Lady’s humility and obedience. “Over time, I’ve been blown away by how gentle she is in inviting us to sit with her and to pray with her and to be close with Jesus with her.”

Joy emphasised the humanity of Mary. “I remember growing up with the stories of Mary and thinking, ‘I can’t be this woman’. But as I grew up in my late teens and early 20’s, when I really started to ask for Mary’s intercession, I really became acutely aware of the fact that unlike Jesus, who is both human and divine, Mary is fully human and comes with all the same challenges, pain and struggle that we as women go through.”

The women also shared advice to those listening on how to deepen their relationship with Mary.

Joy encouraged the listeners that if the Rosary seems tedious and lengthy, try and say a decade of the Rosary as it only takes around three minutes.

Danica said that growing a stronger relationship with Mary and exploring prayers to Mary can help lead us closer to Christ.

For Stephanie, alongside the formal prayers, there are times where she would treat her time with Mary as if she’s catching up for coffee with a girlfriend, sharing anything and everything with her. “Just have a chat,” she said.

The four women recently spoke at the Diocese of Parramatta’s At the Well online gathering, held as part of the HOME Ground program on matters important to young women of faith.

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The podcast is a chance to build on the joys of Catholic Youth Parramatta’s At The Well evenings for young women on a more regular basis, a chance to give a feminine perspective on questions of faith and life, and to continue the conversations sparked during the face-to-face gatherings.

At The Well is an initiative of the Diocese of Parramatta, through its youth ministry Catholic Youth Parramatta.

You can listen to this podcast and the previous episodes on The Well. You can also tune in via Soundcloud by visiting and on Spotify by searching for ‘Catholic Youth Parramatta’.

You can submit your questions or contact the hosts through the At The Well Facebook group.


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