Bishop Vincent Long on Sunday Nights on ABC Radio

An interview with the new Bishop of Parramatta was broadcast on ABC Radio on Sunday 15 May 2015.
Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv.

Updated on 16 May 2016

The new Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv, was interviewed by ABC journalist Noel Debien during the plenary meeting of Australia’s Catholic bishops in Sydney last week. The interview went to air on Sunday 15 May 2016 on ABC Radio’s Sunday Nights program.

Parramatta’s newly appointed Catholic Bishop: Vincent Long, 15 May 2016

A former refugee and boat person is Parramatta’s new Catholic bishop.

Born 1961 in Gia-Kiem, and having fled Vietnam as a teenager in 1979, Vincent Long now says:

“My appointment is not just about me or an individual honour, but it’s an affirmation and recognition on the part of the universal church of the gifts and contributions that migrants and refugees can make to the church and also to society.”

And perhaps this is why his appointment has attracted such interest in media and far more broadly than in the specific locality of Parramatta.

The new bishop points out: “Had I come today instead of 30-odd years ago I would’ve been turned back or I would’ve been put into an offshore detention centre somewhere.”

Instead, despite all the adversity he has faced, he has become the leader of one of Australia’s youngest, most ethnically diverse, and most rapidly growing dioceses.

To listen to the interview here

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