Brisbane’s Mater Hospital offering natural fertility program

8 July 2019
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Brisbane’s Mater Mothers’ Hospital Natural Fertility Service is providing a holistic approach to solving infertility. Couples feel empowered during this process as they’re involved during every step.

Investigations as to why pregnancy isn’t occurring and suitable treatments where necessary work at restoring the couples to full health for nature to take its course.

The Mater Mothers’ Hospital Natural Fertility Service gives couples diet and lifestyle advice, psychological and wellbeing help, as well as treatment for underlying physical issues like endometriosis, poor ovulation and blocked tubes.

It is a public referral-based program, combining health services with Australia’s only clinical research site to enhance fertility naturally.

About 2,000 women have been involved in the program since its creation in 2011, with data from five clinical trials now being analysed to work out its success rate.

Read the article from ABC News here.

If you would like further information on charting your cycle or discussing how this approach to infertility may help you or your loved ones, please contact: Natural Fertility Services Diocese of Parramatta on 02 8838 3460, 0400 427 605 or


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