Building post-COVID world begins with the family, Vatican cardinal says

By Elise Ann Allen, 24 October 2021
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At a time when relationships of all kinds are being impacted by ongoing lockdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic and the strain of prolonged isolation, the Vatican’s top man on family matters has said that rebuilding these social bonds begins at home.

With COVID-19 still ravaging much of the world, and people increasingly isolated, now is an ideal time to “boldly announce the Gospel of the Family,” said American Cardinal Kevin Farrell during an online workshop dedicated to the family.

Head of the Vatican department for Laity, Family, and Life, Farrell said the family “responds better to any other social reality, to the thirst for dialogue, for deep relations, and authentic communication,” which many people are being starved of during coronavirus lockdowns.

Even at the social level, “the pandemic has brought out very clearly the indispensable role of the family,” Farrell said, noting that “It is families who have sustained people in these difficult months of isolation…It is from the family, therefore, that we need to start again out of this health crisis to re-construct society.”

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Elise Ann Allen is a Denver native who currently works as a Senior Correspondent for Crux in Rome, covering the Vatican and the global Church. Before joining Crux, Elise worked with Catholic News Agency, first as a multi-media and content management assistant in Denver, and then as Senior Rome Correspondent covering the Vatican. Follow Elise Ann Allen on Twitter:@eliseannallen

With thanks to Crux and Elise Ann Allen, where this article originally appeared.


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