Draft New RE Curriculum Update: Draft to be shared

16 September 2020
Primary school students during the Catholic Youth Parramatta and Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta's Mountains Live event. Image: Mary Brazell/Diocese of Parramatta.


Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta welcomes the strong interest in its Draft New Curriculum for Religious Education. In response, an updated version will be made available in early October for those who wish to read it.

Relieving Executive Director Christine Howe invites the community to learn more about how the Curriculum is about sharing our Catholic faith with children and young people in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

“I thank all involved for their commitment to finding the best ways to help form our children, young people and staff in our Catholic faith,” Christine said. “Your feedback is important.”

Faithful to Catholic Teaching, Traditions and Values, the Draft New Curriculum is the result of work with the Diocese of Parramatta, members of the clergy, parents and carers, teachers and schools over several years.

Designed to be age-appropriate for children and young people, it’s all about developing attentive, intelligent, reasonable and responsible young people and respecting the dignity of every student.

This up-to-date approach to learning and teaching is all about using Catholic teaching to help our young people answer the questions they are asking about faith and life so that they can understand and demonstrate these Catholic beliefs and values in their lives, every day.

We will be promoting the publication of the next draft on the Diocese of Parramatta Facebook page and in Catholic Outlook, so please continue to watch these channels for future updates.

Learn more about the new Religious Education curriculum.

With thanks to Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.


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