Easter flowers blossom at Granville Parish

11 April 2018
Altar of Repose, MacKillop Hall, Holy Trinity Church, Granville. Image: Supplied.

Pope Francis recently encouraged Catholics to allow the flowers of Mass to blossom in their everyday lives.

“In some places, Easter is called ‘Blossoming Easter’ because when the Risen Christ blooms, it’s the new flower,” Pope Francis said. “Our justification blooms, the sanctity of the Church blooms. This is why so many flowers. It’s our joy.”

For Fr Andrew Bass and his parishioners at Holy Trinity Parish, Granville they have taken Pope Francis at his word and ensured their parish was beautifully decorated for Easter, adorning their altar with an abundance of flowers.

The images in the gallery below are of the altar of repose that was prepared in MacKillop Hall next to Holy Trinity Church, Granville for Holy Thursday. The altar of repose was designed and prepared by John Portelli with the assistance of Rosette Chidiac and Reanne Chidiac.

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“John has designed and prepared the altar of repose for the parish for the past four years and each year becomes more and more impressive. The altar itself was built by Joe Apap and the altar cloths were made by Doris Portelli and Mary Vella,” Fr Andrew explained.

“The plants and flowers were donated by the Missionary Sisters of Mary Queen of the World, Spiro Portelli and other parishioners with other floral arrangements from Avanti Florists.”

More images, courtesy of Holy Trinity Parish, are available below or on the Holy Trinity Parish Facebook page.

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