Easter is celebrated at Maroota Public School

By Cecilia Zammit, 17 April 2019
Props used during the Maroota Public School Lent/Easter pageant. Image: Cecilia Zammit/Diocese of Parramatta.


Every year the Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers of the different Christian denominations (Anglican, Catholic and Uniting) come together to prepare a Lent/Easter pageant with all the students at Maroota Public School, near Wiseman’s Ferry.

On Thursday 4 April, the 33 students from all grades, together with their teachers, presented to those assembled – proud parents, grandparents and friends – the story of Jesus Christ from the Isaiah prophesy and the Annunciation through to the Resurrection.

Dressed in costumes of Jesus’ time and using props like the crib, the Last Supper table, the Palm Sunday donkey, a boat, fishing nets, the cross and a large tomb with a moving door, the children acted out the account of Jesus’ birth, life, teachings, death and resurrection.

Some students read out scripture passages while others played parts including the angel, the disciples, soldiers, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the crowd.

Music was played to accompany the singing of songs by the students and by the community gathered in the hall.

Sound was important to the production as storm effects with lightning and thunder brought to life the story of Jesus walking on water on the Sea of Galilee.

Fr Robert William, parish priest of St Matthew’s Parish, Windsor, who thoroughly enjoyed the event, was invited to lead the community in the final prayer.

Parents enthusiastically applauded the students and continued to chat about the performance at the morning tea. One parent commented how this pageant had added to her understanding of this great event.

Cecilia Zammit, Director, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Diocese of Parramatta, and Carol Vella, Hawkesbury Region Coordinator, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Diocese of Parramatta, extended their congratulations and gratitude to the students, principal and staff and the SREs for their efforts, enthusiasm and their support of SRE, and for encouraging this school community to really enter into the spirit of Easter.

“It really shows what is possible when people work together,” Cecilia said.

Mrs Deirdre Dorbis, Principal, Maroota Public School, said that she would be sending photos of the play to the local newspaper in place of its regular hat parade story.

We left the assembly with a very clear message that ‘Jesus is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!’

Please visit the CCD office website (www.parracatholic.org/ccd-home), contact your local parish, or the CCD office (02 8838 3486) for more information about the CCD in the Diocese of Parramatta.

By Cecilia Zammit, Director – Confraternity of Christian Doctrine


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