GALLERY: ‘Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry’

26 October 2018
The relic of St Padre Pio. Image: Giovanni Portelli.


The streets of Glenmore Park were bursting with joy on Sunday 23 September, as more than 1,500 people gathered to celebrate the official reception and presentation of a first–class relic of St Pio of Pietrelcina, who is also commonly known as St Padre Pio.

September 23, 2018 marked the feast day of St Padre Pio, the 50th anniversary of his death and the 100th anniversary of his stigmata.

The first–class relic – blood (from the cloth that covered the Stigmata wound on this side) of St Pio – was received last month. Fr Suresh Kumar, parish priest of St Padre Pio Parish, Glenmore Park obtained the relic from the order to which St Padre Pio belonged to.

READ: ‘Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry’

VIEW: Images from the feast day below or click here

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