How Catholics can use this time without the Eucharist to grow closer to Christ

15 June 2020


In many places around the world, including my diocese in Bolivia, we are unable to celebrate the Mass and other sacraments in public due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools are closed and catechism classes are canceled. These activities are considered ill-advised and are often forbidden by some civil and church authorities as part of “safer at home” and “social distancing” measures.

In the United States, petitions have been created to pressure for the easing of these measures and permit the celebration of the sacraments.

There have also been creative efforts made, like drive-through confessions and parking lot Masses, to provide access to the sacraments. Others have preferred to limit themselves to the Mass transmitted via television, radio or social media, which is obviously not the same as physical participation.

In this context, we have remembered the doctrine of “spiritual communion.” Anointing of the sick, when it seems most needed, is nearly impossible.

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With thanks to America Magazine where this article originally appeared.

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