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11 November 2020


What’s New in The Well:


The Joy of Being a Catechist 

Catechists are vital to parishes! They reach out and share the love of God with children in local public schools. Be inspired as you listen to their experiences and the joy they find in this ministry.


Serving Christ’s Mission Part #1

Richard McMahon, Director of Pastoral Planning, explores some of the language associated with pastoral governance in our faith communities and explores principles of good pastoral governance for the service of Christ’s mission.


At the Well Podcast – What is the point of suffering?

In this episode, Qwayne, Rosie and Joy discuss Romans 5:3-5. There are times when suffering can seem in vain. Thankfully, God reveals to us how suffering can be both meaningful and transformative.


Saturday Sessions – Serving Mission: Parish Conversion – Fr James Mallon

Fr James discusses “The pastoral conversion of the parish community in the service of the evangelizing mission of the church” released by the Congregation for the Clergy in July 2020. A great resource for all Parish Leaders.



Popular in The Well:


The Well series: My Journey, Our Journey

In this original and exclusive series, we explore the inspirational stories of those seeking asylum and refuge in Western Sydney, including our own Bishop Vincent. Revisit First Steps and The Climb before the release of our next two episodes in coming weeks.


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