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18 November 2020

What’s New in The Well:


Themes of Christian Leadership

What does the film Moana have to do with leadership? Join Donnie for this abridged version of a longer workshop where he draws on stories of Sacred Scripture, spiritual gurus within the Christian Tradition and wisdom from the wider world in order to illustrate key themes of Christian leadership.


Saturday Sessions – The Hope That Does Not Disappoint: Dr Mary Healy and the Archdiocese of Melbourne

Dr Mary Healy invites us to think about leading a missionary parish particularly in response to the pandemic and how we can continue to find hope.


Worship Wednesday feat. Maryanne Takchi and Holy Cross Youth

Each week young Catholic musicians who serve parishes, schools and movements with their musical gifts across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains invite us into their home or local Parish for LIVE, un-edited praise and worship. Worship Wednesday is a powerful tool to reach all of God’s people and spread a little joy and hope. You can use this weekly resource in your home or classroom.


Serving Christ’s Mission Part #2

Richard continues to explore some key principles for good pastoral governance in our faith communities for the service of Christ’s mission.



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My Journey, Our Journey – Chapter Three: Building a Home

In this latest step of the story, the reality of Bishop Vincent, Kane, Idrissa and Len each building a home in Australia is revealed by strength, determination and resilience.


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