New picture book details the mysteries of Catholic Mass

13 June 2021
Author of 'When I Go to Mass' Sarah Hlavacek, reads her book to three of her seven children. Image: Supplied


A new book by Sarah Hlavacek, uses detailed illustrations to convey the deep mysteries taking place in every Catholic Mass.

Author, 31-year-old Mother of 7, Sarah Hlavacek has released a Catholic picture book for 3- to 6-year-old children.

Using beautiful illustrations and easy to understand language, When I go to Mass instructs children in the practice of their Catholic faith and invites them to contemplate the profound mystery of the Eucharist.

“It creates the opportunity to go deeper into the Mass with your child. It’s a book you can use to prepare your child for Mass, and bring along to be used as a picture missal. It is instructional, informative and contemplative. With the level of detail that won’t overwhelm a 3-year-old!” says the author.

Using her artist license, Sarah brings to life the moment of Epiclesis. Highlighting this pivotal moment in the Mass.

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Drawing inspiration from famous religious art throughout history, she brings to the eyes of children the profound miracle of the Eucharist.

Pages from ‘When I Go to Mass’, written by Melbourne mother of seven Sarah Hlavacek. Image: Supplied

She also includes fundamental faith formation elements, like making the sign of the cross, genuflection, prayer before Mass and after communion, naming the Sacred Vessels and Articles of the Mass and concluding with the commission to ‘love thy neighbour’.

Comments from reviewers:

“A simple and heartfelt book, connecting all that we do at mass to loving God by those actions” – Quoted from book review, by Laura Range,

“It’s so rare to find a book that presents the Catholic Eucharistic teaching to young children, in such a beautiful and understandable way!” – Mother of 6 children

“The illustrations are stunning! So much detail and emotion captured! I can’t wait to read it to my children..” – Mother of 3 children

“They will make great Baptism gifts!” – Mother of 7 children

Sarah was born in Albury, NSW and lives in Melbourne with her husband, Dominik and seven children. She is a trained Catechist and co-founder of She hopes to continue writing books to help enrich the faith life of families.

The cover image of ‘When I Go to Mass’, written by Melbourne mother of seven Sarah Hlavacek. Image: Supplied

The 42-page, full-colour book is available to purchase in both hard and soft covers. It is available at all major online bookstores and is still finding its way into many Catholic online and piety stores.

Contact Sarah to stock or bulk purchase at a discount via

Reproduced with permission from the April 2021 edition of Together, the news publication of the Catholic Diocese of Wagga Wagga.


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