Office for Safeguarding and Professional Standards launch new website

6 June 2019
The new website for the Diocese of Parramatta's Office for Safeguarding and Professional Standards.


The protection of young people and vulnerable adults across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains has become stronger and sounder thanks to a new website.

The Diocese of Parramatta’s Office for Safeguarding and Professional Standards (OSPS) has now launched its new website.

The website – – aids the Diocese of Parramatta in its mission to keeping all children and vulnerable adults safe and to respond with compassion and justice to the needs of victims, and their families, who have been abused by Church workers in the diocese (including clergy, religious and lay people).

You can find the Diocese of Parramatta’s OSPS website at

At any time whilst browsing the website, you can return to the homepage by clicking on the OSPS logo on the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

In the ‘About Us’ section, the OSPS describes what it does for the various agencies and ministries across the Diocese of Parramatta, and how it was established in 2014.

There is a section on the website on how to report a complaint, with the intention that children and young people can understand the process.

There is a page dedicated to prevention, education and training for those in leadership across the Diocese, with links to specific policies and documents relevant to the Diocese.

On the home page, there is a calendar with links to OSPS news and upcoming events, as well as events held by its external supporters. These external supporters and their contact details can be accessed on the ‘Support and Outreach’ section of the website.

News and Events on the OSPS website

The OSPS team hope that the website will provide greater transparency and accessibility to members of the church community across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

The menu bar on the OSPS website.

“One of the great strengths of this Diocese is the openness to continual learning, collaboration and embedding of safeguarding practices that occurs within and across all our agencies and ministries,” they said.

“The new website embraces the national standards and principles adopted by our Government and Catholic Church, as well the voices of those impacted by abuse.

“The site aims to provide greater transparency and accessibility for all who wish to be part of safeguarding in our church community.

“As you visit our website, we welcome feedback on how to continue to use this site to ensure our Church is a safer place for those more vulnerable,” they said.

The website is accessible on computer, mobile and tablet, and has multiple language options for users.

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