Palestinian pastor Munther Isaac speaks on Gaza

25 March 2024


In an extended interview on the UNAPOLOGETIC podcast, Reverend Dr Munther Isaac, the Lutheran pastor of Bethlehem, speaks about growing up under occupation, how Palestinian Christians have often been failed by the international Church, how the war in Gaza in an extension of colonialism and the world’s inaction to stop what he says is a clear case of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

UNAPOLOGETIC is a show that unapologetically looks at the life, times and views of some unapologetic and not so unapologetic humans. The podcast is hosted by Ashfaaq Carim.

Middle East Eye is an independent online news organisation founded in April 2014. They aim to be the primary portal of Middle East news and their target audience are all those communities of readers living in and around the region that care deeply for its fate.


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