Pope Francis: The family, Europe’s most precious treasure

26 June 2017

Pope Francis received an audience from members of the European Federation of Catholic Family Associations or (FAFCE).

The federation was meeting the Pope on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary.

FAFCE represents Catholic family associations from 14 European countries and has participatory status with the Council of Europe.

In his prepared words to those gathered for this anniversary, Pope Francis said that the family was Europe’s most precious treasure.

He continued by saying that families were not “museum pieces, but through them, the gift is made concrete in mutual commitment and generous openness to children, but also in service to society.”

Families, the Pope added, “are thus a kind of leaven that helps to make the world more humane and more fraternal, where no one feels rejected or abandoned.”

This story first appeared at Vatican Radio, to continue reading the full article please click here.

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