Sixth Sunday of Easter 2020 Reflection from Monsignor Tony Doherty

17 May 2020
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A retired priest from the Archdiocese of Sydney has chosen to start recording weekly reflections on the Gospel.

Monsignor Tony Doherty has started a series of reflections called “Breaking Bread Together” on a personal YouTube channel.

The reflections were designed for parishioners of St Joseph’s Neutral Bay, part of the Parishes of Sydney Harbour North, but he warmly welcomes those outside of the parish to the video.


In his reflections, Msgr Doherty reads the Sunday Gospel, provides a reflection, and then allows for a time of prayer towards the end.

There is a story told to me in the last few days that I can’t get out of my mind.

“Doc”, the nervous little man said to the psychiatrist, “every time I go to bed, I begin to see dragons. I’ve been to doctor after doctor but none of them have helped me a bit. Can you?”

“Of course, I can” the psychiatrist said, “but the treatment will be very expensive”.

“Never mind that”, the man said “it’s worth it. How much will it cost?”

“By the time we’re through, the entire therapy will cost you at least $150,000,” the doctor said.

“A hundred and fifty thousand?” the man screamed. “You can’t be serious?”

“Forget it. I’ll go home and learn to love the bloody thing.”

This week’s reflection is about the concept of courage and fear. The story of the dragon reminds me that we shouldn’t get too romantic about life. Sometimes courage is simply learning to endure something we can’t change.

So just remember keep washing those hands. Thanks for joining me for another Sunday reflection. Just click on the link below.

And please pass on the reflection to anyone you may believe would like to receive it.

Every blessing,



To follow Msgr Doherty’s reflections, visit his YouTube channel –


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