St Monica’s students speak up on what they want from school

21 October 2020
Students from St Monica's Primary, Richmond. Image: Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.


When it comes to school improvements and innovative ideas there is one group that knows more about their community and what they like and want than the rest of us combined….. the students!

After exploring persuasive texts throughout the term, St Monica’s Richmond Year 4 students took up the opportunity to deliver presentations to their school Principal Melissa Beggs on some of the things they would like to see at their school.

The range of ideas included:

  • updating and further integrating technology to keep pace with 21st-century learning
  • implementing different interest clubs at school to engage the students in a variety of learning opportunities
  • the introduction of chickens to complement the veggie garden
  • to consider a therapy dog
  • updating the handball courts
  • introducing a recycling program that could potentially earn the school $700 a year to put towards other ideas.

The well-researched ‘pitches’ proved very persuasive to the Principal who said plans to implement many of the ideas were already in the pipeline for 2021.

When asked how they felt about the opportunity to present their ideas to the Principal, the Year 4 students said they felt proud of the ideas they had come up with.

“Children need the option to speak for themselves on ways to make learning more fun,” said one student.

“Teachers need to understand what it’s like to be a kid so this will help them know how kids like to learn,” another Year 4 student added.

“This presented them with a ‘real world’ experience and gave them an audience for their ideas,” Mrs Beggs said. “I always feel encouraged and buoyed by the enthusiasm and intellect shown by the next generation of our community and know that we will continue to have active citizens making the world a better place.”

With thanks to Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.


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