Sunday 5 July Reflection from Monsignor Tony Doherty

4 July 2020
Sacre Coeur by Georges Rouault. Image: Worthopedia.


A retired priest from the Archdiocese of Sydney has chosen to start recording weekly reflections on the Gospel.

Monsignor Tony Doherty has started a series of reflections called “Breaking Bread Together” on a personal YouTube channel.

The reflections were designed for parishioners of St Joseph’s Neutral Bay, part of the Parishes of Sydney Harbour North, but he warmly welcomes those outside of the parish to the video.


The heart is the most misperceived of all our human organs.

“For a start”, states Bill Bryson, “it looks nothing like the traditional symbol associated with Valentine’s Day and lovers’ initials carved into tree trunks and the like.”

“Nor is the heart where we place our right hand during patriotic moments; it is more centrally located in our chest than that. Most curious of all, perhaps, is that we make it the emotional seat of our being, as when we declare that we love someone with all of our heart or profess a broken heart when they abandon us.”

“Don’t misunderstand this. The heart is a wondrous organ and fully deserving of our praise and our gratitude, but it is not invested even slightly in our emotional well-being.”

True as all that this is. It is still one of life’s most powerful metaphors for our life and love.

And you will find it hard to convince the young woman in this story we are about to tell that this is not the case.

Join us for this reflection which you can access by clicking the link below.

As usual, please share it with whomsoever you think may be interested.

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To follow Msgr Doherty’s reflections, visit his YouTube channel –


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