Super Cyclone Amphan unleashes fury in a powerful storm over Bangladesh

5 June 2020
A person stands outside a shelter that was destroyed by Cyclone Ampham in Shyamnagar in the Satkhira region of Bangladesh. Image: Caritas Bangladesh.


Entire villages have been ravaged by the merciless power of Cyclone Amphan which cut a destructive path of winds up to 160 kilometres per hour, forcing millions from their homes and damaging buildings along the India-Bangladeshi border.

Shyamnagar in Satkhira was the hardest hit region of Bangladesh with 4000 houses completely destroyed and 11000 families with partially damaged houses.

It is the most recent storm to come out of the Bay of Bengal – a region notorious for producing catastrophic cyclones, occasioning mass destruction and loss of life.

With a health system already engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic and a fast approaching monsoon season, Bangladesh is facing a triple threat – a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. A review by the Regional Management Disaster team at Caritas Khulna, reveals there is much work to be done.

  • Millions of Bangladeshi citizens have been displaced from their homes and are living in temporary housing from makeshift tents and empty buildings.
  • There is acute lack of access to food, with dry food distributions not enough to cater for those marooned by the cyclone.
  • Access to clean drinking water has been compromised, forcing people to travel up to 2 kilometres per day for it.
  • Livelihoods have been affected by loss of income generating activities from crops, agriculture, fish and cattle herds.
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programs for the vulnerable coastal communities

Caritas Australia is calling on its community of faithful supporters to give what they can to support the emergency response to Cyclone Amphan and those made most vulnerable by the catastrophic natural event.

Your donation will help provide immediate essentials including nutrition, shelter and fresh water, as well as fund long-term reconstruction projects.

Every year Caritas responds to humanitarian emergencies across the world. Because we are embedded in local Churches – part of the social fabric of communities – we are often the first responders – able to provide food, water and shelter to those most in need.

We also work with communities after emergencies to help re-build their lives and their resilience in the face of future emergencies. We believe in standing with communities before, during and after emergencies.

Donate to our Asia Emergency Appeal and provide hope in emergency –

With thanks to Caritas Australia.


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