The Good News (in 60 seconds)


By Fr Paul Roberts EV

The Diocese of Parramatta was a recent sponsor of the Proclaim 2016 Conference. Hosted by the Diocese of Broken Bay, Proclaim was a gathering of about 500 people from all over Australia focusing on the challenges and opportunities for parishes to evangelise; to be, live and share the Good News of Christ in communities in and for the world today.

Following Proclaim, the team from the Institute for Mission (IFM) in our Diocese has produced what they hope is a relevant resource in the form of four, one-minute videos. Purposely very brief, it was thought that this might be a way to give parishes and communities something they could easily use in a reflective and practical way. These four brief pieces are a simple extraction of some key themes from one each of the keynote talks of the conference. And each of the one-minute videos includes a couple of key pastoral applications from the talk using an active question or practical suggestion. The IFM has titled the four simple videos:

Evangelisation – where listening and accompanying does great things

Evangelisation – is about someONE changing our lives

Evangelisation – is like giving a village a fountain

Evangelisation – is good and do-able decisions together

Many parishes or other faith groups in our Diocese have team meetings or pastoral council meetings that include a formation and reflection time. Some have other groups that spend parts of their planning time asking key questions about pastoral strategies to grow and share faith. These one-minute video pieces could be an easy-to-use basis for such reflection. The simple pastoral inclusions might prompt a group’s resolve to persevere with current goals or might simply assist teams or groups to celebrate some of the efforts and energies that are going well.

The IFM team welcomes the use or further sharing of this small resource in any way that is considered helpful. In the midst of the mountain of resources that there is often too little time to examine, these super brief videos might save some preparation time in serving the desire to ensure some formative moments in the midst of other demands.

For anyone who would like to view the full Proclaim talks to which the IFM team ’s one-minute videos are a response just click on IFMtakesYOUtoPROCLAIM if you are reading a soft copy of this or otherwise type in

With friendship in God’s mission from the Institute for Mission team at Blacktown, NSW.

Fr Paul Roberts EV is Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation  in the Diocese of Parramatta.

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