Year of St Joseph inspires new hymn

16 June 2021
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A new hymn in honour of St Joseph highlights the saint as an antidote to our often superficial and celebrity-soaked culture.

Australian Marist Br Michael Herry FMS has written One Quiet Man, inspired by Pope Francis’ proclamation of the Year of St Joseph, which runs until 8 December 2021.

“This proclamation seemed to come naturally to Pope Francis, because like his every word and gesture, it came from the heart, the heart of a true father and pastor,” Br Michael explained in a message accompanying the hymn.

“What you see is what you get, and we rightfully admire this quality, even as we live at the same time in an often superficial and celebrity-soaked culture.

“Pope Francis, and his friend St Joseph, offer us an antidote to that culture,” he said.

Respecting the Catholic tradition around St Joseph, Br Michael’s hymn casts the saint as a real-life figure and a man of “discernment, respect, action and courage.”

“St Joseph was a ‘quiet achiever,’ absolutely ‘grafted on’ to the will of God, deeply in love with Mary and totally dedicated to the care and love of his family,” he said.

Br Michael also calls on St Joseph to watch over the Australian Church as they make preparations for the First Assembly of the Plenary Council in October 2021.

“Let’s pray to St Joseph, ‘the quiet man’, that we become good listeners and discerners of the Holy Spirit in seeking a common path forward for our Church as it continues to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to our world.”

Musicians pose for a photograph after recording a version of ‘One Quiet Man’, written by Br Michael Herry, at Marcellin College in Melbourne. Image: Supplied

The lyrics to the song can read below:

One Quiet Man

A new hymn to St Joseph


Verse 1:

Quiet man of humble service,

Grafted onto faith in God.

Ever list’ning, ever watchful,

Man of dreams, yet action-shod.

Joy-filled plans you shared with Mary,

Youthful love in fullest flight,

Till God’s deeper plans unfolded:

Then the plunge into the night!


Verse 2:

Faithful still as spouse of Mary,

She with infant at the breast.

Setting out by night for Egypt,

There as refugees to rest.

Yet another dream then summoned:

‘Safely home return again.’

Joseph, ever open, trusting,

Faithful husband, guardian.


Verse 3:

Joseph, father, guide and mentor

Help us seek the things that last:

Love of fam’ly, care for neighbour,

Honest work, eyes upward cast.

Not for you the gilded idols,

Not for you the crass, the vain.

Joseph, father, guide and mentor,

Help us be the best we can.


Verse 4:

In our world of siren voices

Offer now your trusted hand.

Yours the light that guided Jesus,

Taught, advised…..both God and man.

Church’s lodestar, silent, faithful,

Bring the life of Christ to birth.

Calloused hands, yet holding gently

Jesus, Lord of Heav’n and Earth.


To listen to the song, please visit the Marist Music website. Br Michael can be contacted at


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