These youth feed 2000 homeless people every night in Uruguay

21 July 2017
Catholic pilgrims from Uruguay. Image: Catholic News Agency

For many people, a warm meal is a way to come together, celebrate, and spend time with friends and family. For homeless people living on the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay, itā€™s an experience thatā€™s rare. But about 500 young people in the city are working to change that.

Every night, especially in wintertime, around 16 groups coming from universities, parishes, and movements in the archdioceseĀ go out to distribute more than 1900 meals to the city’s homeless residents.

The volunteers get together in late afternoon to cook, using donations from parishioners, businesses and the young people themselves. When night comes with its low temperatures, they set out to meet the most needy.

One of these groups is the Luceros Movement, made up of more than 100 volunteers who gather Mondays and Wednesdays at the Virgin of Carmen and Saint Therese Parish to prepare more than 100 meals.

Source: Catholic News Agency

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