Youth rise up against extreme pro-abortion proposals

By Jordan Grantham, 10 May 2017
The Youth for Life video against the extreme pro-abortion bills. Image: Youth for Life Australia

Youth wowed the community across greater Sydney with their enthusiastic efforts to collect signatures for a pro-life petition against horrific bills proposed to remove all protections for the unborn.

For more information and to sign the petition, go to Youth for Life’s website.

Over 42,000 signatures against the bills were collected in the first weekend against a bill that will be debated this Thursday 11 May.

Ben Smith, Director of the Life, Marriage and Family Office in the Diocese of Parramatta, lent his support and endorsement to the statewide petition, organised primarily Labor MLC Greg Donelly in the NSW Parliament.

Youth for Life is the group that organised many of the bright young petition collectors, most of whom were young women.

Youth for Life created a snap video in response to Mehreen Faruqi’s radical and unjust bill. The bill would allow abortion until the moment of birth, for any reason. It would require doctors with a conscientious objection to participate in the referral process and would create a large exclusion zone around abortion centres to stop sidewalk counselors, prayer vigils and protests. Labor MLC Penny Sharpe has proposed another bill, which focuses on the exclusion zones.

There is no evidence of intimidation by sidewalk counselors, prayer vigils or organised protests. There is evidence of many young people who are now alive thanks to the help and support services that sidewalk consellors offer pregnant mothers.

Youth for Life organised the collection of petition signatures through social media. The petition has gone through many parts of the community, including churches, clubs and businesses.


Rebecca Gosper, Youth for Life representative spoke to Catholic Outlook about this urgent issue.

What inspired Youth for Life Australia?

We formed Youth for Life, to give young people a way to get involved in the pro-life movement in a practical way. We hope to make real political change on this issue.

There was an amazing response to the petition – what was the catalyst for this groundswell?

People were shocked to hear how extreme these abortion bills are. Through social media we have been able to help people share the petition with their family, friends and communities.

What is the likelihood of these bills getting up?

If these extreme abortion bills become law, New South Wales will see abortion on demand up until birth. This will remove all safety nets around abortion, particularly in regards to coercion. This is unsafe for women. Youth for Life encourages all politicians to protect women and children in New South Wales and stop these extreme abortion bills.

What is the attitude of the major parties towards these bills?

Youth for Life is lobbying all parties to vote against this extreme abortion bill. This should not be a party-political issue; rather it is an issue of basic fundamental human rights.

How can ordinary people contribute to the campaign against these bills?

We encourage all people to get involved by signing the petition, writing letters and making phone calls to all NSW Upper house members and donating to the campaign. We hope that the community will continue their efforts to stop this extreme abortion bill.


For more information and to sign the petition, go to Youth for Life’s website.

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