Australian first: Experience St Patrick’s Cathedral in 3D

29 March 2018

In an exclusive Australian-first, the Diocese of Parramatta is proud to announce the introduction of the St Patrick’s Cathedral 3D Virtual Tour.

The unique and one of a kind tour allows you to experience St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta, view its art and learn about its rich history in 3D – all on your smartphone or computer.

The tour offers detailed explanations of the Cathedral.

Floor plan mode.

Working with industry experts and utilising the latest technology, the Diocese of Parramatta has created a unique and first of its kind interactive 3D tour of any Catholic Church in Australia.

The immersive 3D virtual reality tour allows you to “visit” and “walk through” St Patrick’s Cathedral by simply clicking here.

Features of the tour include:

  • Unique drone footage, inside and outside the Cathedral;
  • Dollhouse and floor plan viewing options;
  • Detailed explanations of the various artwork at the Cathedral;
  • Visit every room in the Cathedral, including the sacristy; and
  • See St Patrick’s Cathedral in a 360-degree, 3D virtual reality format.

The tour is compatible with Google cardboard and virtual reality headsets.

Experience St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta in 3D virtual reality.

Drone footage of St Patrick’s Cathedral is part of the unique tour.

Experience St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta in 3D virtual reality.

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