Greetings and Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis

"We urge you to serve with great zeal the flock entrusted to you, especially your priests, the families of your Diocese, the poor and the weak."
On behalf of the young people of the Diocese, World Youth Day pilgrim Jane Sio welcomes Bishop Vincent at his recent Installation. Photo: Alphonsus Fok.

Posted on 21 June 2016

Read the letter here: Parramatta Bull of Appointment__ Final


Apostolic Letter from Francis, Bishop, Servant of the Servants of God

To Our Venerable Brother, Vincent Long Van Nguyen of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual, until now Titular Bishop of Thala, and Auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, elected Bishop of Parramatta: Greetings and our Apostolic Blessing.

We place great hope in God, who, “saved us … in virtue of his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit, which he poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our saviour” (Titus 3.5-6), and constantly supported by divine grace,

Pope Francis

Pope Francis.

We have solicitude for all Catholics throughout the world, bearing constant witness to the message of salvation, that it may grow and spread amongst peoples.

So now, we turn our attention to the flock of Christ in Parramatta, who after the transfer of our Venerable Brother Anthony Colin Fisher, of the Order of Preachers, to the Metropolitan See of Sydney, is bereft of a Pastor.

Since, Venerable Brother, you have exercised well the Episcopal ministry and have shown the necessary gifts and qualities as well as the ability of governance, We are confident that you are able to assume the office of bishop to this diocesan community.

And so, having considered the opinion of the Congregation for Bishops, by our Apostolic authority, We appoint you as Bishop of Parramatta, with all the rights and obligations which accompany that office according to Canon Law, and release you from those which bound you to your former Titular See and former duty as Auxiliary Bishop.

You will ensure that the Clergy and People of your Diocese become aware of this Apostolic Letter; and we urge them gently to always treasure you, and show you all obedience, due collaboration and love.

Finally, Venerable Brother, We urge you fraternally, trusting always in Jesus, with the prayers of the Virgin Mary, the Blessed Mother of God, and of Saint Francis, to serve with great zeal the flock entrusted to you, especially your priests, the families of your Diocese, the poor and the weak, and “by your moral stance you impart goodness in the ears of your people, and soften them by the grace of your words“. (St Ambrose, Letters 36.5).

Given at Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on the fifth day of May, in the Year of the Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen, during the Jubilee of Mercy, in the fourth year of our Pontificate.


Parramatta Bull of Appointment__ Final

Francis Felice, Protonotary Apostolic.



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