Love in action

By Krista Tippett, 3 August 2020
An August 24, 2013 file image of Georgia Congressman John Lewis at the 50th Anniversary of the march on Washington and Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. Image: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock.


John Lewis may not be a familiar name in Australia but take the time to listen to his story.

At the age of 15, and part of a poor farming family in Alabama USA, he first heard Martin Luther King on the radio. At 15 he also preached his own first sermon.  After a brave, loving and insightful life contributing to the civil rights movement, John was elected a member of the US House of representatives from 1987 until his death last month.

His non-violent, faith-based approach made a profound impact on American society which he simply called “love in action”. In this interview, given in 2013, he discusses what it was like on the ground of historic events such as the Freedom Ride and the Selma to Montgomery marches. At the core was his belief that taking action is “praying with your feet”, and his role in the civil rights movement and politics was simply an extension of his faith.

You can listen to the podcast of this inspiring interview by clicking here.

With thanks to On Being With Krista Tippett.

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