SHALOM WORLD launches its Australian channel

6 February 2018
SHALOM WORLD Australia was officially launched by Shalom Media Australia’s patron, Archbishop Julian Porteous, Archbishop of Hobart. Image: Supplied.

On Friday, January 26, 2018, SHALOM WORLD Australia was officially launched by Shalom Media Australia’s patron, H.E. Julian Porteous, Archbishop of Hobart. This new television channel, under the purview of Shalom Media, a Catholic media ministry, will broadcast 24/7 high-definition, Catholic content that is faith-filled, virtue-building, character-based, and family-friendly.

SHALOM WORLD Australia supplements the pastoral efforts of the Church to spread the Good News of the Gospel. With great support from Shepherds across Australia, SHALOM WORLD offers programming that is a spiritual banquet for all ages. Many productions have already been completed with religious and lay Catholic preachers, as well as main-line ministries in the country.

At the launch ceremony, Archbishop Porteous spoke about the peace that is sought by many, and how the launch of SHALOM WORLD Australia at this moment will surely play a vital role in the spiritual nourishment for the people of this nation. SHALOM WORLD Australia can be viewed on various platforms for free including all the latest Smart TV’s and connected TV’s such as Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and Opera TV. The SHALOM WORLD app is also available for free in the App Store and Google Play. In addition, SHALOM WORLD can be viewed online at

By now, three original 9PM series talks already feature Australian preachers, including Robert Falzon (Mondays, 9PM AEDT) of Men Alive Australia; Mark Doyle (Tuesdays, 9PM AEDT) of Net Ministry Australia; and Sister Hilda Scott (Fridays, 9PM AEDT) of Jamberoo Abbey in Wollongong. SHALOM WORLD Australia also features the ministry stories of Men Alive, Net Ministry Australia and Ignite Youth apart from the religious congregation of the MGL.

For promoting vocations in the faith, SHALOM WORLD’s original series, Vocare, features priests and religious who share their vocation stories. During the next several months, many more religious and lay preachers from Australia will be featured on SHALOM WORLD Australia through its numerous original productions, truly making this a channel for the nation. The ministry is also looking to partner with many more Australian Catholic ministries and communities in the upcoming months.

SHALOM WORLD is already available across North America and Europe and has followed the lead of the Holy Spirit to launch this channel in Australia. The ministry hopes to evangelize to the whole continent and bring the peace and joy of Jesus Christ into the hearts of the people of this great nation.

With thanks to Shalom World Australia.

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