Shroud of Turin at St Patrick’s Cathedral

On display during Holy Week until April 18.
The replica of the Shroud of Turin at St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta. Photo: Diocese of Parramatta

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta is displaying a life sized replica of the Shroud of Turin in the Sacred Heart Chapel during Holy Week until April 18.

The Shroud is the full length burial cloth that wrapped the body of Our Lord as He lay in the Holy Sepulchre, after his Crucifixion.

The Shroud is currently held in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Turin. This is why it is known as the ‘Shroud of Turin’.

The full-scale facsimile of the Shroud is an inspiring item that is strong evidence of the Resurrection of Christ. It has baffled scientists for decades.

The replica and exhibition is on loan from Fr Brendan Murphy SDB, Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Rosary, St Marys.

The exhibition is open from 7am – 6.00pm and entry is free.

Black and white print of a frontal image of the Shroud. Photo: Diocese of Parramatta




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