Sometimes a video is a worth a thousand theological words

By Michael Sean Winters, 25 May 2023


I am a text person. I do not listen to podcasts. I cannot really explain why da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” leaves me cold but Titian’s nearby “L’Homme au Gant” strikes me as beautiful. I turn on the TV to relax, and prefer “Law & Order” reruns, “Masterpiece Theater” and TCM to any news channel. My home is filled with books, not DVDs.

And so, when it was suggested to the organizers of our ecclesial gathering on synodality in March at Boston College that we contract with a videographer, I was skeptical. This gathering was sponsored by Boston College’s Boisi Center, Fordham University’s Center on Religion and Culture, and Loyola University Chicago’s Hank Center, and it was heavy on academic keynotes and panels. I wrote about it at the time.

After the first meeting with America Media’s Sebastian Gomes, however, I was a convert. He asked different questions from those I or the other organizers had asked. He approached the two-day event not from the standpoint of content, but as a storyteller. I began to see the value of engaging him and his talented team.

The result exceeded my expectations.

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With thanks to the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) and Michael Sean Winters, where this article originally appeared.


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