St Finbar’s legacies of faith and love

6 September 2020
The 1880s pipe organ at St Finbar's Parish, Glenbrook. Image: Diocese of Parramatta.


During Include a Charity Week, which runs between 7 to 13 September, Australians are asked to consider the beneficial legacy that they can leave to the community by including a gift in their Will to causes close to their heart.

As Christian stewards, we are called to receive God’s gifts gratefully; cultivate them responsibly, share them generously with others; and return them with increase.

For many Catholics, giving a gift in their Will is an enduring way to share their blessings of God’s gifts with future generations.

Giving a gift in your Will is one of the most significant acts of generosity that anyone can make. It enables you to share your Christian values; and support your family, loved ones, and causes that you are passionate about.

Gifts in Wills, coupled with the time, talent, love, dedication and financial support of parishioners at St Finbar’s, helped transform their parish at Glenbrook into the beautiful house of worship and flourishing ministry it is today.

The gift of sacred music at St Finbar’s is the legacy of thoughtful gifts in Wills from parishioners.

At the heart of St Finbar’s is a magnificent 1880s pipe organ, generously donated through gifts in Wills from the Late Noel Gibson and Fr Patrick Frost. The late Jim Gormly, a fine musician who loved playing the organ, also left a gift in his Will to ensure that this historic instrument would be maintained for years to come. The organ is central to the renowned Masses and recitals held at St Finbar’s every Easter, Christmas and throughout the year.

“The gift of the organ has been a means to reach out to the community in the Blue Mountains and attracts many fine choirs,” said parishioner Judy Burrett.

The famed organists, husband and wife Robert Ampt and Amy Johansen, keep the tradition of the concerts alive at St Finbar’s. “Robert conducts the Mass choirs and Amy plays the organ,” said Judy. “It is the most wonderful atmosphere in the Church with scripture readings, Bach and the joyous singing.”

The stained glass window in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at St Finbar’s Parish, Glenbrook. Image: Diocese of Parramatta.

The finishing touch to St Finbar’s development – a glorious stained glass window depicting the risen Christ – was made possible last year through a gift in Will from the late Fr Brian Larkey.

The former parish priest, a driving force in building St Finbar’s Parish, commissioned artist Patti Robinson 25 years ago to design a floor to ceiling window, representing the creative and restorative power of God. Fr Larkey’s legacy gift enabled his vision for a remarkable religious artwork drawing inspiration from God’s beautiful Blue Mountains, to finally become a reality.

There are many ways a gift in Will can make a meaningful contribution to the Church’s ministry.

After providing for the needs and security of your family and loved ones, what other legacy would you like to leave?

It is a question many consider at some point in their lifetime. But for Catholics, the question is deeper and more profound because being raised in the faith means contributing to the world as part of caring for God’s kingdom here on earth.

We aspire to make a difference, to give back in the spirit Christian stewardship.

Will you consider a gift to your Parish and faith community or a vital Catholic ministry? Such a significant gift, whatever you can give, will support acts of faith, hope and charity for many generations.

For information on giving a gift in your Will or a gift in memory to your Parish or the Diocese of Parramatta, please call 02 8838 3482, email or visit


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