10 life-faith ideas for the school holidays – Day Nine

30 September 2021


Pope Francis has invited each one of us to enter into the Year of the Family from March 2021 to June 2022.

During this period where our intentional life and faith focus is placed on the family, the Diocese of Parramatta’s Mission Enhancement Team (MET) have designed 10 creative life in faith ideas for the school holidays.

Each day, discover creative, fun and engaging activities to connect with your family and with God and spark some faith-filled conversations through this user friendly, step-by-step resource offering quality time for connection both on and off your screen/mobile device.

We hope that by using this resource to enter into the Year of the Family, we can connect more with family and friends during this lockdown period.

Day Nine – Talent night!

Talent Nights don’t just have to be a school or youth group thing. How good would it be to host a talent show in your own home? You can showcase the gifts and talents that God has given to each person and show how diverse we all are. There may be some hidden talents that you don’t know of! This isn’t ‘The Voice’ – have fun, get silly, be creative and dress up!

Daily prayer:

Dear Jesus, bless us this night as we share our gifts and talents. Give us the encouragement and courage to give everything our best shot. May everything we do be for your glory and for the love of one another. Amen.

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