A poem for Mother’s Day

By Aunty Janice Brown, 9 May 2021
Image: Unsplash.


Aunty Janice Brown is a Gumbainggir woman, who attends the Aboriginal Catholic Services at Emerton operated by CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Forced to leave her home and family as part of the Stolen Generation, she raised her own four children. At the age of 26 her son, Johnathan died.

She has written this poem for Mother’s Day in memory of her son.


On Mother’s Day I stood at  your grave with my bunch of chrysanthemums

I held them close and whispered “Son, these are just for you”

As I bent down to place them I thought I heard you say “Thanks Mum, they’re beautiful. Now have a nice day.”

When I stood up I gazed around at the beautiful field of flowers,

I pictured you as a little boy running and jumping,

I could have watched for hours.

I bowed my head and then I said “I’ll come another day.”

I jumped in my car, took one last look, then I drove away.

You rode with me as I could not see

My eyes were filled with tears

You know Johnathan, I’ve loved you dearly throughout your 26 years.

RIP my son

Aunty Janice Brown. Image: Diocese of Parramatta.

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