Fr Rob Galea features on ABC Compass

4 June 2020
Fr Rob Galea performs during the Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2019 in Perth. Image: Iceberg Media/Archdiocese of Perth/ACBC.


Music ministry maestro and priest Fr Rob Galea has featured in an episode of Compass on the ABC.

The episode, The Singing Priest, details Fr Rob’s life in Malta, his call to the priesthood, his journey to Australia and his call to share the love of God.

The documentary also follows Fr Rob during the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth in December 2019, where keen-eyed viewers can spot young people from the Diocese of Parramatta and a guest appearance from Bishop Vincent Long.

“I’m going to use whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to tell people about this joy, that they may experience even just a glimpse of what I have experienced of the love of God. Because I don’t know God. I’m a priest. I’ve been a priest for eight years. I don’t know much about God. But all I know is just a little glimpse of Him is enough to change a life forever,” Fr Rob said in the episode.

Fr Rob Galea is currently serving at St Kilian’s Parish in Bendigo, in the Diocese of Sandhurst, Victoria.

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