Interfaith on the Frontlines

23 October 2020
Members of the Abraham Conference Organising Committee pose for a photograph. Image: Supplied


Jewish, Christian and Muslim frontline workers will share their stories of hardship and hope in uncertain times at the Abraham Conference on Sunday 15 November from 2pm – 3.30pm.

What is the Abraham Conference?

Jews, Christians and Muslims all acknowledge the Patriach Abraham, as well as the Matriachs, Sarah and Hager, as foundational to their respective faiths. Sharing a common ancestry creates a unique familial bond among the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, setting them apart from all other religions, such that they are referred to collectively as ‘the Abrahamic religions.’

At various times and places, there has been amicable coexistence between the followers of the Abrahamic religions and there have been conflicts and violence. It is important to acknowledge both dimensions of this ambivalent history, including the religious and other factors that contributed to the changing relationships, but also to identify, preserve and promote the enduring communal bonds.

In recognition of this common heritage, the Abraham Conference brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims. It celebrates the common bonds of ancestry and faith that unite them in their various approaches to Abraham (and Sarah and Hagar) respects their differences, seeks to overcome ignorance and prejudice and promotes better mutual understanding and cooperation among them in the service of the common good of society.

This year’s theme is ‘Interfaith on the Frontlines’.

Catholic Speaker, Dr Dan Fleming is Group Manager – Ethics and Formation for St Vincent’s Health Australia, a role which sees him leading ethics education, advice and strategy as well as supporting formation across the St Vincent’s Health Australia network.

Jewish speaker, Renata Ieremias, works at Jewish House in Bondi. Jewish House works with women facing homelessness, domestic violence and abuse. She has 23 years of professional experience as a clinician, manager and supervisor in the fields of child protection, mental health, domestic and family violence, PTSD, therapeutic intervention with addicted people and therapeutic intervention with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse.

Muslim speaker, Haroon Kasim is currently Practising Clinician in NSW Health. He has more than a decade of experience in the Australian health care system across multiple states and health services.

The 2020 Abraham Conference will be livestreamed free on Sunday 15 November at 2pm.

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