My Journey, Our Journey – Migrant & Refugee Sunday 2020

27 September 2020


Like Jesus Christ, Forced to Flee

Here the stories of our friends and our Bishop who have come to Australia as refugees or asylum seekers in this new video.

On Migrant and Refugee Sunday, 27 September, hear directly from those most affected, from our Bishop and also Parishioner Len Cruz on the Diocesan Journey Walking with Refugees and People Seeking Protection and how we can all play a part.

Celebrated on 27 September, Migrant and Refugee Sunday is a time when the whole church throughout the world celebrates the resilience and contribution of migrants and refugees to the church and society. It is also a time where we bring awareness to the issues Migrants and Refugees face.

We are currently in a crisis within our diocese due to COVID-19. Thousands of people seeking asylum and on temporary visas in our diocese have lost their jobs or are relying on organisations like Jesuit Refugee Service and House of Welcome for income, housing and food bank support.

We as Catholics are called to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters through prayer, sharing their stories and action. Pray, share, act and advocate.

To download the video, prayer resources and action kits for Migrant and Refugee Sunday click here:


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