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9 December 2020

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Quirky Things We Do As Catholics

Why do we “do the things we do as Catholics”? Have you ever thought some of our practices are odd? For instance, why do we make the sign of the cross, or pray to statues representing dead people? Come join Fr. Jack as we explore some of the “quirky” things that Catholics do!


Saturday Sessions – The Sanctuary of Conscience

Fr Tom Ryan is a Marist Priest who has worked extensively in Adult Faith Formation. Fr Tom answers questions about the Primacy of Conscience and its place in our world and faith.


Popular in The Well:


Worship Wednesday feat. The Llagas Brothers

This week, we highlight four outstanding young musicians from the one family who led Worship Wednesday in early September. More than 4,200 people have streamed their session since it was recorded. This makes it the highest viewed Worship Wednesday for 2020! Check out why!


Twoby2: Being Grateful

Advent is a time of preparation. But it’s also an opportunity to consider what we are grateful for. Kids will love this episode about respecting others and being grateful for what we have. Especially before even more gifts arrive!


Helping You Discern

This week, we share the wonderful news that another Seminarian in our Diocese becomes a Deacon. In this spirit of discernment, here’s another popular resource from 2020 that has given people something to guide their own decisions on the many ways we can express the gift of life.


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